Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)

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Likewise superficially, and frequently in ironic or contradictory ways, the series references various traditions, including western Christianity e. In accord with the medieval theme, many of The Seven Deadly Sins characters are depicted as types of knights, broadly construed, who are clad in stylized variations of medieval armor , many of whom perform magic.

The members of the five clans in the series are Humans , Giants , Fairys , Gods , and Demons in which all possess powerful abilities and magical prowess. In the naming of characters, the manga offers a wide variety of further mythical, historical, geographical and cultural allusions, including in the naming of Gowther , [6] Zaratras Zoroaster , Dreyfus, Gustaf, Frisia, Jericho , Galand , [7] [8] Derierrie , Albions , The Vampires , and Zhivago. Each of the members of the group had the highest Holy Knight ranking, Diamond. They were branded as traitors of Britannia as a result of one of them conspiring in the assassination of the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras.

It seems that none of the Sins are members of the same race. The kingdom, now under the control of the Holy Knights, fell into a state of distress as citizens from towns and villages surrounding the kingdom were enslaved or forcefully recruited into joining a furtive war effort: the men trained as soldiers, while women and children forced to amass food for storage, as well as the elderly made to construct castle walls. Under the rule of the Holy Knights, death is the penalty for insubordination.

After Hendrickson is defeated and Dreyfus disappears, King Baltra forgives most of them, since he preferred they atone for their actions since punishing them wouldn't reverse the damage they caused. Evil beings who were sealed years ago by the combined efforts of the Giant, Fairy, Goddess races and humans, but were released by Hendrickson and Dreyfus who was being possessed by the demon Fraudrin using some of Elizabeth's blood.

Ten incredibly powerful demons selected personally by the King of Demons, they were originally led by Meliodas years ago before he fell in love with Elizabeth and caused the Holy War. Each of the Ten Commandments can implement a curse which plays on the virtue that they represent. It is later explained that the Demon King had split half of his power, into ten parts to give to ten trusted subordinates and these parts were the Ten Commandments.

If a person were to consolidate all ten commandments within one body, they would obtain a power on par with the Demon King, who is so powerful, he cannot even exist on Britannia without destroying it, and everyone on it. A Vampire Clan who had a treaty with the Demon Clan, but were sealed in a sarcophagus by the Demon Zeldris years ago, and 12 years before the story, they escaped their seal and took over the Kingdom of Edinburgh, killing or turning into vampires all of its inhabitants, including the Holy Knights.

It turns that it was the Vampire King Izraf who broke the treaty by rebelling against the Demon Clan and Zeldris was intended to be the executioner, but instead he sealed them, since he was in love with the Royal Vampire Gelda. Though they won the war, most of the Goddess Race have lost their physical bodies, leaving humans as the dominant race in Britannia since war also took a toll on the giants and fairies.

That our covenant was broken.

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Jason begged for my forgiveness but then said he had no hope I would ever be able to forgive him, that his only hope was in Jesus. No words in the English language describe the searing pain that truth produced. I got up from the phone call and walked out into the parking lot of the church and screamed. For a moment I actually thought I might pass out. Perhaps that sounds dramatic, but I felt completely overwhelmed with grief. I found some old plastic tubs sitting in the front entry of the church, and I took them and smashed them into bits.

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Honestly, I went a little berserk. My counselors were awesome and just let me have it out. I went back into the office after I had gathered myself as best I could. I looked him in the face ready to spew hate, anger and bitterness.

An indescribable power of the Holy Spirit filled that room. I took the letter and threw it into the trash.

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Instead I told him I was thankful. Why in the heck did I say something like that? God was opening my eyes to the prayers I had prayed. In that moment, I saw God answering those prayers. I just feel pain. Rock bottom. God had brought us to this place. Through his infinite mercy and reckless love for us, He brought us to a place where we had nothing but Him. Lewis once said that God whispers to us in our pleasures but shouts to us in our pain.

This is true. When we are broken and contrite before God, whether from the consequences of our own sin or life circumstance, He will not despise us. He will make us new. He promises to bring beauty from ashes — for His glory. Isaiah says,.

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A couple of weeks have passed since I last wrote. When I first decided to write this blog, my hope was to post once per week. My new less lofty goal is to post once every two weeks. He was in a hospital near Redemption house for detox. He had no phone, so I had no way to confront him about what I had learned. My frustration and anger grew with each passing hour.

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I knew he was struggling and fighting in that detox center, and I was glad for it. Watching our life go down in flames was horrifying, and I blamed him for it all. Nice Holly.

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Reeeeeal nice. Nice is not a word that fits well into living with addiction. That is the hard truth. I realized quite early in this process that I was going to need counseling. The first appointment with my counselors was a doozy. I sobbed, screamed, cussed yup, that happened , and completely lost it for a solid hour. My counselors listened to me, cried with me, hugged me, and were just totally awesome.

The prayer at the end of that session helped me hold it together for the following week. I could almost physically feel the presence of the Holy Spirit covering my weary body. These precious people have walked with us every step of the journey and continue to be some of our biggest advocates. When Jason finished his time in hospital detox, he was supposed to go directly to the rehab center.

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He was going to buy a bus ticket…. So instead he decided to hoof it. He was carrying a load of heavy luggage and actually threw one of the suitcases in a dumpster. He walked into the nearest Starbucks and sat down and cried. Jason asked the man if he could use his phone to call his contact at the rehab center and they came and picked him up.

I tell you that story to let you know that addiction to drugs, and the withdrawal from them, can really change a person you thought you knew so well. When he had been at there for less than 24 hours, the director called me. Cue epic freakout 9, I could only hope that news would encourage Jason to stick it out. As I waited to hear back from the director, my brother happened to call.

I explained what had transpired and that I was losing hope our marriage would make it. He asked me if he could please give Jason a call. After some back and forth, I finally agreed and gave him the number to the director. Truly, I had no faith that this conversation would even happen much less bear any fruit. But what my brother said to my husband changed our story. We want desperately for you to get better and heal. The Lord moves in mysterious ways!

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Grace changes all of our stories. Late that evening the director called me back to say Jason had agreed to stay and be a willing participant in his recovery. I collapsed on my couch and took a deep breath for the first time. The last week had been one long adrenaline rush, and I crashed.

Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1) Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)
Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1) Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)
Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1) Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)
Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1) Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)
Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1) Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)
Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1) Bow-Wows of Holly (Spicy Stories Save Lives Book 1)

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