Dining with Hitler and Hemingway

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Dining with the devil: The eating habits of the world's most evil dictators Buying Options

The exhibition concludes with the postwar years, exploring how the Nazi book burnings have continued to resonate in American politics, literature, and popular culture. Find out more at www. The National World War II Museum tells the story of the American Experience in the war that changed the world — why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today.


Home Cook. After the fall of the Fascist regime in and the death of the dictator two years later, the property was occupied by US forces and then fell into disrepair. In recent years, the villa has undergone restoration works and is now open to the public. The property is listed with Mikeli Luxury Real Estate. Check out these stunning stately homes struggling to survive. Gaddafi, who had fled to his home town of Sirte, was killed by National Transitional Council forces on 20 October Following his death, the colonel's compound was looted and vandalised.

Now used as a market and occupied by squatters, much of it has been destroyed. Hungry for more historic homes? Step inside the real-life gangster homes and hideouts of the Mafia. Do you want to comment on this article?

Hitler at Home by Despina Stratigakos, review: 'splendidly unexpected'

You need to be signed in for this feature. News Homes Interiors Investing Features. Expand View. Obscenely extravagant, the world's most monstrous tyrants certainly didn't hold back when it came to enriching themselves, splashing out on lavish residences and outrageously expensive items with their ill-gotten gains. From Hitler's Berlin bolthole to Saddam's blingy Baghdad palace, take a look around the homes of seven of the most notorious dictators from around the globe.

Still, the ruthless dictator filled the apartment with expensive art and antiques, many of which were stolen from victims of his horrific regime.

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The mastermind of the Holocaust, Hitler was responsible for the genocide of six million Jews, along with millions of others from minority groups, including Slavs, the Roma, disabled people, gay people, resistance fighters and Jehovah's Witnesses. Hitler set about remodelling the residence in the late s and called upon the services of Paul Ludwig Troost.

When Troost died in , his widow Gerty assumed responsibility for the renovations and became Hitler's personal interior decorator.

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This image shows the despot's intimidating ceremonial office at the Reich Chancellery. A voracious reader, the Hitler is said to have got through one book a day, though many great works of literature were banned by the regime, including works by seminal authors such as Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway and Aldous Huxley.

Hitler at Home by Despina Stratigakos, review: 'splendidly unexpected'

Two days later, the couple committed suicide. Following the war, the Soviets demolished the Reich Chancellery. Pictured here is a full-scale replica of Hilter's office, featured in the Berlin Story Bunker exhibition. His Bucharest home, the Palatul Primaverii Spring Palace , was a showcase of his inordinate ill-gotten wealth. While his people lived in constant fear of the Securitate, the Romanian secret police, Ceausescu and his wife Elena were busy designing the most lavish property imaginable.

Built in the s, the home's principal reception room has all the dictator trappings, including gilded furniture, lashings of marble, pricey artworks, a sparkling chandelier and an extravagant Persian carpet. Disapproving of any waste, Ceausescu never lost his liking for Tocanita de Pui cu Mamaliguta, a stew involving the slow cooking of an entire chicken - head, wings and feet included - or for the yellow Galbeni de Odobesti wine he drank with it. A life-long picky eater who was always concerned was flown to his palaces twice a week - sides of lamb and beef with the fat trimmed off, fresh shrimps, live lobster and his favourite olives from the Golan Heights - and all was thoroughly pre-checked for radiation or poison by his nuclear scientists.

Adolf Hitler's residence, Berlin, Germany

Kitchen staff at all 20 palaces simultaneously prepared three meals a day for him, for security reasons. Among his favourite foods were fish and seafood, lean meat, fruit and vegetables, and traditional Bedouin dishes. While a glass of Mateus Rose might accompany his main meals, camel milk with bread and honey was his usual breakfast.

He was partial to the odd glass of Old Parr whisky as well. Unfortunately, his efforts to keep on top of his weight were often thwarted by his penchant for Quality Street sweets.

Perhaps more surprisingly Saddam would often make appearances in the kitchen himself to lend a hand with the cooking, claiming it relaxed him. At a typical banquet hosted by Idi Amin, the Ugandan president would serve bee larvae, green bush crickets, cicadas, flying ants and locusts.

Fried grasshoppers and crickets are a particular treat in Uganda but in order to bring out the best flavour in the grasshoppers they need to be washed thoroughly and then fried with a little onion, garlic, salt and pepper.

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A fan of most things British, having served as an assistant cook in the British colonial army, Amin loved his afternoon teas, fast food and pizza but they eventually played havoc with his waistline. For the snake dish however there was one recipe for cobra stew which he was particularly fond of. It should then be hung from a tree well out of the reach of any children, in order that any poison dries out in the sun. Next, the cobra must be chopped into pieces and mashed to a pulp with a handful of peanuts before being placed in a pot of boiling water with some lemon grass, some bitter vine leave and some ground ginger, and allowed to simmer for at least an hour.

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Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway
Dining with Hitler and Hemingway Dining with Hitler and Hemingway

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