Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)

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I realized that living a life filled with peace begins with a choice. The conscious choice to pursue it. The purposeful pursuit of peace is something we as Christians need to be exercising. It is, with the other Fruits of the Spirit, a ready arsenal that can make not only our own lives, but the lives of our family, friends, and others who interact with us, all the more richer and victorious. Think about Exodus KJV :. God is telling us that not only should we aspire to acquire peace, but that we also need to stay in peace through trials and tribulations. He will deal with the issue at hand, but we need to do our part and be at peace and rest, being confident that He will provide us with the best outcome.

I am so grateful to the Lord for showing me the importance of pursuing peace, while He deals with my present circumstances. Currently, l am experiencing a severe relapse in my convalscence from burnout and chronic depression. Panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, and extreme social anxiety are daily battles l have to face, as well as depressive episodes. However, in the deepest depths of the darkest, miry pits, l can only stretch my hands out and rely on the grace and goodness of my Father, who promises to never fail me, nor forsake me.

He walks with me in the shadow of the valley of Death. He is my light in the darkness, and His peace is a gift that l can accept and rely on, as He walks through this period of illness with me. The intensity with which we experience pain and suffering is subjective to each individual. No one can understand what you are going through as well as God.

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Put Him first, do your part and hold your peace and He will do His part and help you. And be thankful. Colossians I wish you peace brothers and sisters in Christ. Whatever storm you are in at this moment, it too shall pass. Thought of the day: In every situation, God is with me and comforts me. He shows His love for me in many unexpected ways. My childhood was an unhappy one. My parents beat me, and they constantly fought with each other. However, during this trip, he turned on the radio. My father had once told me that this song had stormed the UK charts in , in the week l was born.

I used to enjoy the times my father would play the song, because l associated it with the few memories l had of his pleasure at my existence. However, this was the first time that l had ever heard the song on the radio. I may have been only a child, but sitting in that car, l knew that the timing of this song, through this particular format, was no coincidence.

Unbeknown to them, l had been praying for someone to come into my life and protect me from the violence and mental anguish that l felt at the hands of my parents. God was here, and He knew my suffering: He would protect me and keep me safe. Then, the other day, God showed me His love again through the radio.

I was in the kitchen with the radio blaring as l prepared dinner. God shows me His presence in many ways, however, the radio has become our own personal means of communication. Merciful Father, thank you that You are always with us. Your love is steadfast and always provides comfort in every situation we face. Help us to see Your presence every day, and show us how we can experience You in unexpected and delightful ways. Maybe He is showing Himself to you in an unexpected way.

What is ‘Jacob’s Ladder’?

Spend time with Him today, and ask Him to open your eyes to the manifestation of His love and comfort in your life today. I am thankful to God every day for bringing this kind-hearted, generous person into my life, and l am grateful to learn more about myself and my own faith walk from her passionate love for Christ and her ability to see the good in all people.

It is a loving testimony to the blessings, mercy, and miracles that God has given to her through the power of His infinite grace and mercy. Her introduction to the book begins with her testimony of salvation. Each chapter is complemented with Scripture. Brenda also provides testimonial accounts of her friends and loved ones.

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What first caught my eye about this book is the glorious sunset portrayed on the cover. The wash of golden, amber, and bronze hues evoked a feeling of peace and happiness in me. When l asked Brenda about her inspiration behind choosing this photo, she informed me that the photo was taken on Pico in the Azores Islands, from a local photographer. She has certainly achieved this!

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Brenda also stocks her books in selected bookstores. Brenda Vargas started writing poetry at a young age for special occasions and to communicate the things on her heart. She has continued to write since that point, with encouragement from friends and family. Brenda currently lives in Ontario with her family and escapes the Canadian winters in Pico in the Azores Islands. I love spending time with God. It has taken a lot of trial and error, as well as a huge amount of discipline, but over the years l have formed a routine where l set aside time every morning to worship God through prayer, music, bible study, and journaling.

My time with God has become my dedication of thanks to Him, to show Him how much l love Him and to grow in my relationship with Him. His presence fills me with strength, gives me peace, and reminds me that God is always looking after me. The world offers values, distractions, and pursuits that tempt me to take my eyes of God.

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Hence, l am constantly being challenged to make a decision between the selection of choices that the world is offering me and my choice to spend time with God in worship. Through trial and error, l have learned to recognize in what ways l am being distracted by the world and have accordingly worked on those areas to re-focus my attention back to God, when l find myself being challenged to worship Him. I am still a work in progress, but l am getting better! Caught between serving two masters: Technological distractions verses God.

Similarly, l am grateful for the invention of the internet. When it got to the point that l was tempted to check my WhatsApp messages during church services, l knew it was time to cut the digital umbilical cord. It is almost scary how easily we allow the digital world to rule our lives. God says in Matthew that we cannot serve two masters. These days, instead of looking at my phone when l get up in the morning, l thank God for the day He has made Psalm After that, God will provide us with everything we need, including experiences. One of my favorite recreational pursuits is to go to the gym.

Sometimes, when l lift weights, l question myself as to whether l should be striving to attain the highly sought-after peach emoji booty instead of accepting the body that God gave me. However, in reality, they are societal pressures engineered by the world to woo us into worshipping them, instead of worshipping God. When we consider that Jesus made the ultimate choice to give His life for us at the cross, then making the decision to spend time with God in worship and praise suddenly becomes a lot easier, and the choices of the world begin to quickly pale in comparison. A few months ago, l stopped going on social media.

I got to the point where l could not see another Instagram pose, you know the kind with the phone held up in front of a mirror, hip to the side, complete with a pouty lip? We live in a society that encourages self-promotion and narcissism as a measurement of popularity. Failing to fulfill any or all of these requirements leaves one feeling insecure, worthless, and constantly comparing. However, where is God in all of this? Turning off my notifications has brought a stillness into my life. Free of distractions, l can hear God more clearly. He tells me that He loves me, He is my provider, and that His Truth guides my way.

In God do l put my trust and confident reliance and not in superficial conformities. Prayer: Wonderful Lord, help us to not prioritize the ideals and expectations of this world; instead let us hold You first in our hearts, for You give us Love, Truth, and Life. Delve deeper: Do you live your life according to how society says you should live it? Do you go on Facebook or Instagram and compare yourself to others?

Do you constantly check how many likes your latest tweet or post received? This devotional was published on PresbyCan Devotionals on 26th May When l was living in Cologne, Germany, for 17 years, Dr. Reiner Frenken was not only my physician for this period, he also became a trusted friend.

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Reiner Frenken is a multi-talent: He is a medical practitioner as well as a rock musician, who writes, sings, and produces his own songs. About three years ago, Reiner asked me if l would be interested in writing some lyrics for an album he was working on at the time, Utopia III. I had written reams of poetry during high school and university, so l was interested in discovering whether l could reawaken the dormant bard within.

Thus, l agreed. As a Christian, the title evoked my experience of coming to Christ and how He broke me free of the chains of my past. I wanted the lyrics to reflect this. You can listen to the song here. He sees strange men with vibrating heads. Jacob loses it, screaming. Back at the apartment, Jezzie chastises Jacob for going crazy at the party. After she calls the doctor, Jezzie and some helpful neighbors force Jacob into a bath of ice cubes. Jacob wakes up in his bed.

Biblical Series XIV: Jacob: Wrestling with God
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)
Jacobs Ladder (One Story @ A Time Book 9)

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