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We send these left-brain, engineer types. They see a problem and they solve it — very linear, literal thinkers. It never really occurred to me to literally tell the story, on one hand. So the mission was never to tell the actual story.

I Love Lucy (1951) s05e26 Episode Script

Spoiler alert: The diapers are not actually a part of the movie. When you first signed onto the movie, Reese Witherspoon was attached to star. How did Portman end up with the part instead? Reese Witherspoon had set the project up at Searchlight as a producer with the idea that she might star in it.

Review: Natalie Portman's fascinatingly messy 'Lucy in the Sky' - Los Angeles Times

I came on while we were still having those conversations. And my first thought was Natalie. I find that she has a really compelling ability to play characters under pressure. One of the things that was really exciting to me She has a real positive energy to her I just had this Dorothy Hamill image in my head, and luckily Natalie was game.

A lot of the fashion was informed by that.

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Make her feel like she shops at the stores that people shop at. I believe that gender played a role in this story, and to not comment on it would be to ignore something really important.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This is not a movie about a woman who falls apart because she is too emotional about a man, and the calibration of that was really important to me. The affair she has is symptomatic of a larger crisis she has. The fact that she wants to get back [to space] so desperately begins to make her push away from the more logical choices she might make. She probably knows this is not a love story she is in, but she wants to feel that feeling.

Come Back Lucy

A judgment on people we feel who have hubris and end up in situations that are really degrading. So on a human level, I would be interested to know what the journey was for her. But I respect her privacy. About Us. Grab a hot beverage and get comfy. I've been through it so many times in the past weeks.

Lots of great pictures. Me too. If you are interested I put together what I think is a timeline of the 2 days based on the book and some post journal articles. Premiere Timeline. Nice timeline! I'm interested in the route of the Forever Darling Special, especially to see if it went through my neck of the woods here in PA. A few months ago I was doing some research to find out more about the customized rail car used on the train trip.


I knew it was a Santa Fe. I didn't come up with a whole lot. I was hoping to find what life it went on to later, if it would be lucky enough to make it into a museum somewhere or if it just ended up being scraped. I got no where with that. My book finally arrived today after being in transit for weeks. These photos are incredible. The text really conveys the excitement of this weekend. After a 3 week journey my book finally made it here. This is definitely a must-have. Absolutely remarkable. You can post now and register later.

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She looked sensational in the ones I saw at the Fenton.

Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home
Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home
Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home
Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home
Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home
Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home
Lucy Come Home Lucy Come Home

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