Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)

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With so many potential permutations, your beautiful Ragdoll will certainly be unique in its appearances. Ragdoll cats are on the heavier side of the scale. Adult males weigh about 15 to 20 pounds 6. This makes them larger than the already plus-sized Maine Coons. They can be overweight if they overeat, but this breed just tends to be bigger than your average housecat. Ragdolls are slow-maturing. They can take up to four years before they finally reach full maturity and stop growing.

However, the weight of kittens will more or less stabilise after 8 to 16 months. The main perk of having a large cat is their cuddle factor.

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Ragdolls really score on this one. Ragdolls are the kind of cats to get if you want to feel loved. Ever been rejected endlessly by a cat?

Ragdoll cat breed information, advice about Ragdoll cats. - Your Cat

These cats are social creatures that love the company of humans. They are usually not aloof and they would rather be near people than alone. Even more, they love human interactions.

They enjoy being stroked and petted, and in exchange, they would give you their attention and affection. Ragdolls are the type that would happily sit on your lap and sleep close to your body. These cats would actively seek out their favorite people and accompany them around the house. Neither is it unusual to see a Ragdoll waiting by the door to greet someone. Just check out this heart-warming video of a Ragdoll called Finn who showed clear enthusiasm in welcoming its soldier owner home. Such is the dog-like loyalty of these cute felines!

Some cats are more intelligent than others, and Ragdolls are known to be very intelligent kitties. To prove this point, Ragdolls are able to learn simple tricks. For example, they can be taught to play fetch or come when called by the name. Some have even been trained to walk on a leash! By the way, we show you how you can train your Ragdoll cat to walk on a leash here!

Ragdoll cats also smart enough to communicate in ways that humans can somehow understand.

Tribute to Timo the Ragdoll Cat

If they want to be let out of the room, they might repeatedly paw or hurl their bodies against the door. For those who live in shared spaces or in an apartment building, the noise level of cats can be a big consideration. In this aspect, Ragdoll cats are angels! They make their presence known to you without making a din. When they vocalize, they usually only do so to ask for food.

More talkative cats might start to chatter when they get excited. Otherwise, they would barely let out a meow. In fact, you should be worried if your Ragdoll cat is meowing all the time as you can read in our article here. However, do note that not all Ragdolls go floppy when you carry them. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Breed of cat. Retrieved Hart; Lynette A. Hart Purdue University Press.

Eye color:

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Domestic cat Felis catus. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ragdoll. The squirt gun responds on demand. All my two cats need is for me to point the gun at them and they run. Remember to empty the water regularly or the gun will mold.

But I keep it on the kitchen counter. Good luck. I have a beautiful cat that fits the description of a ragdoll and looks like the pictures of them I got her from a family that said they got her at our local homeless pet place. She is beautiful; 4 white paws, silky coat, beautiful blue eyes, and a scarelessly audible purr.

She follows me everywhere. Unfortunately she will run at me and bite me several times a week. She gets a little antsy and I can see it coming and I close her out of my work rooms. But I love to have her around and so she manages to sneak a bite. She does love to play with a feather on a string, but frankly it wears me out quickly. Her bites draw blood and I treat the bite. No infections for me.

It is a quick little bite and she runs away because she know I will either spray her or rattle my noise bottle.

Characteristics of a Ragdoll Cat

I sure wish I could stop her from this. Any clues? My husband insists on giving our cat a solid 10 mins of being held upside down back rubs and pats and active love first thing in the morning. If, for any reason, this is missed, we certainly pay the price in cat nips. The other thing that can set him off very occasionally if is if he is over handled by too many unfamiliar visitors in a short space of time.

This seems defensive so he can get away. The distraction of the new view together with the human bond seems to work a treat. Hey, can someone answer the ques. About this breed not like being held etc not affectionate.

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However, does follow her from room to room. I also miss the affection my persian gave me. Please help. Why is she like this? I purchased a Ragdoll at 8 weeks old.

Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)
Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever) Ragdolls Are the Best! (The Best Cats Ever)

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