Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)

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But how good is good enough? In Christianity- you know how good is good enough. You have to be perfect.

Sammy Love Shouldn't Hurt Book 10 of the Sammy Series Volume 10

That is where Christ comes in. He came to pay the penalty for our imperfections also known as sin , and to guarantee our place in Heaven. No one comes to the Father except through me. In other words- there is nothing I can do to earn the love of God. He did it all on the cross.

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Maybe re the books. Biblical scholars Protestant, Catholic and Jewish are reconsidering the actual authorship and dating of much of the Bible. Part of the proof is that events are written of that could not possibly have occurred during the periods in question. Personally, I believe that while there is historical fact, much of the writings, especially of fantastical events, are allegorical. I am neither right nor wrong, but I am right for myself!

This is simply not true. There are only a few books where authorship is unknown, and in those cases, it really matters little. Either the Bible is the infallible word of GOD, or it is mythological pleasure reading. In the case of the New Testament, we have thousands of complete manuscripts and multiple thousands more fragments available.

There are more than 5, copies of the entire New Testament or extensive portions of it. In addition, we have several thousand more fragments or smaller portions of the New Testament. So when it comes to manuscript evidence, the New Testament definitely has numbers on its side. As was previously stated, we could also add the fact that much of the New Testament was written within just a few decades of the death and resurrection of Christ. First Corinthians, for instance, dates from the 50s — only twenty years or so after the death and resurrection of Christ.

People who would still have been alive at the time of the writing of 1 Corinthians would have been around to corroborate or criticize the claims made in the letter. If the Bible were on trial, it would be inadmissible as hearsay which I am sure you would like to dispute. I am not a biblical scholar by any means and cannot quote books and verses, however, I do investigate the findings of modern scholars who are investigating all of those manuscripts, and their findings are extremely interesting leading to but not necessarily proving my previous statements.

I remind everyone that my opinions are my own to which I am entitled. I am vaguely offended by the notion of people be unchurched or non-Christian as that is a judgment. Your statements are modernist, humanist and simply non-Christian. If you are not a Christian, then it is fair game. If you call yourself a Christian, however, then you words are outside of orthodoxy.

Do you agree or disagree with any of my winners? What are some alternate covers you prefer?

You also clearly do not understand the difference between judging the person and judging their statements and actions. Does it make you feel good, important, big, manly, to tell me that I am wrong? Oh yeah, and smug. I AM my statements and actions, so when you judge those, you judge me.


Judgment is judgment even though it may have different levels. So yes, I have judged you the person. So, I also judge your statements and actions, because they are mean spirited and definitely not what Jesus had in mind.

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Just give it a rest and stop being so annoying. All-or-nothing thinking is unwise. The Bible is not infallible. In fact, as a Bible teacher, I teach Christians not to say that about anyone. Everybody is sick of that statement. It does no good and lots of harm. What I do say and teach is look at the life and claims of Jesus. He is worth taking seriously. They have no validity to me because they are not what I believe. The one who declares belief in relativity has no basis for making declarations that have any authority whatsoever on anyone else.

That is why we need to recognize the loving authority of our Creator. My beliefs do not create reality. Truth is what conforms to reality. After all that I could not find any god, prophet, philosopher, or religious leader who could compare to Jesus. I share the joy and peace I experience with others, and try to do it graciously and not forcefully or obnoxiously, and teach my students the same.

My reality is obviously different from yours. What you need to accept is that neither of us is wrong. What we are is right for ourselves. Relativity and reality with regard to religious belief are always subjective. What I do dispute is your right to tell me I am wrong based on your beliefs because I do not give you that right.

No matter how hard you try, and no matter what you say, I will not change my outlook. I have spent many years considering what I believe, and what I have concluded satisfies me just as what you found satisfies you.

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Paul told us to stop judging people outside the church. Who cares! Just be kind and good. Your judgment will come as you believe it will… or not! Moral relativism is simply not Christian. As long as you are cool with that, there is no argument here. What you are missing here is that I would never tell you that your beliefs are wrong regardless of what I think because they belong to YOU.

Many people who say they are Christians have this incredible tendency to an ugly smugness that is unbecoming. This is something that Carey Nieuwhof was trying to stress in his blog above although phrased a bit differently. My philosophy is that nobody is right except for themselves.

Oh yes, and you HAVE judged me. This is a whole load of baloney. The Word of GOD is not a cafeteria line, from which we get to make up our own personal tray of inedible mush.

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The Word became flesh. The Holy Word of GOD is sufficient to live by—regardless of disagreement on some aspects of doctrine hence, pluralism. Each of us, religious or non-religious, live out our beliefs in our actions. Christians act on a belief that the claims of Jesus Christ are true.

Non-Christians act on other beliefs. The selectivity implied may relate to the acceptance of Christian doctrines such as the resurrection or the virgin birth of Jesus , or attitudes to moral and ethical issues for example abortion, homosexuality, or idolatry and is sometimes associated with discussions concerning the applicability of Old Testament laws to Christians and interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount.

Anybody who has honestly and thoroughly studied the Bible knows that God did not write it, nor did God dictate it to the various writers. The doctrine of inerrancy sets up a human creation, a book, as an idol to worship. That is a mistake. God alone should be worshipped. The Bible can be useful as a tool for seeking God, but to declare it inerrant is simply wrong both mistaken and unchristian. Judging others is not our place. Judging sin is why we have the Word. If everything is relative—even in the Bible—there is no truth. Ascribing your own personal moral relativism as a pick and choose buffet line is not Christian, plain and simple.

I think Christians and non-Christians are just as equally capable of judging others. I know people like to point fingers at Christians in this matter, but like your seasoned and reasonable comment, it is reasonable to say that everyone judges, Christians just get more press. Everyone loves a hypocrite. I am just as guilty of judging others as the next person which I freely admit.

However, I tend to judge on basic human behavior without claiming any perfection in my own as have been known to use poor judgment from time to time! It never was! Being attracted to the same sex is something that is developmental. You might liken it to thumb sucking or maybe your preference for dogs over cats, etc. It is something that develops and who knows why.

No one has ever proven there is a homosexual gene that one is born with. If God had said it was wrong to prefer dogs over cats, then I would just be stating what I believe to be truth, by telling you that it is wrong to prefer a dog instead of a cat. But you could certainly do whatever you want. Get the log out of your own congregation and stop trying to keep other couples from enjoying that which you hold so desirable.

Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)
Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10) Sammy: Love Shouldnt Hurt (The Sammy Series Book 10)

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