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Twi'lek, female, blue Edala doesn't mean anything in particular. In RP, of course, she's just an Engineer a la Kayla. Well I picked something for my legacy I kind of dislike so I hope they have a option to rename it Anyway i've got 2 one just started on a rp server with a friend and another on the main server. His business is blasters, unoffical transporting, but mostly damsals in distress. The accent is for visual purposes only I roll with the letter with 2 dots on all my characters.

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He rolls in a simple fashion and I do dps. Got maxed out stealth options and when that fails he's a brawler. Got the scars to prove it but chicks dig scars. It's French but from the French of south Louisiana ;D Give us some lov Devs. The big bald pureblood vampire was named Odibin and the translation was lighthammer. Plus lighthammer works pretty well for a light side DPS:. Jax'parro Read it and i'm sure you'll know where i got it from ;. Im'Awesome The Awesome Legacy wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!

Took my character name Garrick from a book I once read. Another sci-fi book called "Escape Carthus".

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He was a bit of a scoundrel with basically a good heart. Meden Sinreaver.

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Honestly I was drawing up blanks on naming him for a while, so I hit random like 8 times while my eyes were closed. Got Maden and switched the 'a' to an 'e'. My smuggler's name is pretty awesome imo Kilo.. Lemme guess your legacy name is Tonsablo? Not this again. My gunslinger is Captain Deringer after the American gunsmith Henry Deringer best known for inventing and giving his name to the Deringer pistol. I kinda wish I had stuck ' at either end to make it more a nickname than the actual name. Hope they bring in a hairstylist option someday I tried being funky, now I make sure to always wear a helm.

Nerdy explanation: My real name means bee. In Tolkien's Elvish Niere means bee and female names often end in "iel". I've used it quite a few times in MMOs.

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Just a randomly generated name that I liked the look of, nothing special. So i just carried it over to this game. I just made up Vith after rolling through the random names on the character creation list, saw something similar to Vith cant remember what it was right now though lol. No other name fits a male smuggler better than that one. And for further giggles, as of today his theme song was granted courtesy of iTunes Shuffle.

My toon is Aleyth, which shortens to Ale which I though was fitting since smugglers spend so much time in cantinas.

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I have no idea if I posted this already, but my Smuggler's name is Korso. You cannot imagine how much hate and reports I got on this name at launch, on a RP server no less. I go by Zuke unfortunately there's a "Zook" on the same side and server, but he's a scoundrel A'nanke Gigglebox Fatman server Course So unhappy and this one class was keeping me coming back to the game. Not so much anymore. I haven't decided if I'll use the same Legacy name on Kath Hound yet. I have a few levels to figure it out. My smuggler goes by Captain Alamar. If I could actually change the title to Capitan Alamar, that would be cool.

The name comes from a district of Havana called Alamar. Its a slightly more "rebellious" barrio at least when it comes to following cultural norms than other parts of the city. Just something that comes out from my Cuban roots. Bucket Because there was a bucket on my desk at the time I created the toon. Captain Haffamm Calrissian.

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Lucky I got that, as it took me awhile to get done with Chapter 1 :D. Smuggler, gunslinger, bucaneer extraordinary. Outlaw because I'm the only Smuggler on my server. Forever a lone wolf. Hania Azophi Hania is my niece's name. Azophi is the legacy. When the Wardens lost the Deadlands, they fell back to Callahan's Passage. Using its narrow passages and mountainous geography they would try and bottleneck their foes.

Harsh, and unforgiving, the natural obstacles of the passage are just as much of a threat to a soldier's life as their enemies in ambush. This mostly unscarred region is comprised of very rich and fertile farmlands. Originally cultivated by Warden farmers, the Upper Heartlands was once a boon of great opportunity and wealth, even after the Great Wars. Now, because of its strategic importance and abundance of natural resources, the Heartlands has become a constant source of tension and conflict. The Endless Shore as it was named, for if you peer any direction into the vast sea, you will struggle to spot the other side.

The Endless Shore once saw ships of all kinds dropping anchor in its ports. Being a major estuary, this region is under constant strife. To the west of the Heartlands lies a vast hinterland that remained largely untouched before the Great Wars. As resources dwindled in the north, the dense frontier of the Umbral Wildwood began to be harvested for lumber.

The river that flows through the center of the region provides a perfect way to transport lumber to the north.

As such, this abundant source of timber and resources has since fueled the war machine on both fronts, but at what cost? Deep in the mountains, The Weathering Halls stood for centuries as a bastion of hope during less sophisticated times. Surrounding the Halls were three great gates, blocking passage or defending from northern invaders. The Warden's prized fortress and sturdy walls endured through the Great Wars.

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That was until the Colonials marched on The Weathered Expanse. Please help improve this if you can. The Discussion page may contain suggestions.

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Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2) Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2)
Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2) Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2)
Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2) Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2)
Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2) Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2)
Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2) Smugglers Haven (Legacy trilogy Book 2)

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